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B12 helps the body covert fats and proteins into energy and aids the breakdown of carbs. It speeds up the metabolism and of course the energy lift helps you to also become more active and motivated. 

B12 boosts energy levels and motivation, because of the above point it can stop you reaching for the high fat / sugar foods too. As your body doesn’t crave the instant hit because it is fatigued.

B12 produces blood cells, white that boost immunity and red that prevent metoblastic anaemia, carry oxygen and iron boosting your performance and relieving the common signs of anaemia.

B12 stops demyelination of nerves this enables them to send and receive messages. When B12 is suboptimal the myelin sheath around nerves degrades which can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression, memory loss, pins and needles, insomnia as well as more severe mental health symptoms.

B12 acts as a precursor for serotonin receptors, essential for mood.

B12 regulates the thyroid, is fabulous for those with ME and fibromyalgia. 

B12 regulates the sleep wake cycle as it prompts proper release of melatonin.

It is crucial in the correct synthesis of DNA… used by every cell.

Supplementation is essential for those on a vegan diet or strict vegetarians as B12 is only found in certain animal products.

Most people benefit from B12 shots but there are some key signs that it can be particuarly helpful for those who;

Diet: If you are a vegetarian, vegan or consume a fair amount of alcohol

Social: If you use recreational nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Medications: If you take metformin, ant acids, proton pump inhibitors, antidepressents or are on contraceptive pill / implant.

Health: If you suffer with poor sleep/ insomnia, restless legs, anxiety, thinning hair, daily fatigue brain fog, anemia, gut health problems, tinnitus, low mood or hormonal imbalances. Plus conditions such as thyroidism, ME, Fibromyalgia etc

Those already receiving NHS shots often find it’s not enough so top up privately in between. 

Shots are prescribed, individually by a GMC registered medic.

Shots are £40 for singular doses or £134 for courses of 4 (saving £20)

Appointments take just 5-10 minutes.

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