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Psychic Medium – Abigail

I work as a psychic medium providing 1-1 readings, group party readings, evenings of clairvoyance, and serve various spiritualist churches.

I love what I do with a passion. Seeing the comfort the spirit world can bring to people is such a warming and humbling feeling. 

Our loved ones in spirit are still by our side and just a thought away. Working clairvoyantly to provide people with evidence of their loved ones in spirit, I love to remind you of memories shared with the spirit world with them often bringing advice for current situations and every day life. 

I simply connect with spirit and pass on exactly what I am shown in a very relaxed and beautiful setting. Messages of love and laughter are such an upliftment and comfort to us all. 

I love to show people that connecting with the spirit world is ‘normal’, that everybody is able to communicate with spirit and sense the love of their family and friends with them. 

Offering workshops I aim to help people realise their potential and encourage their abilities in a safe and relaxed setting with no judgement or expectations.