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Massage aftercare

In order to gain maximum benefit from your Massage Treatment, it is advisable that you follow our aftercare advice and have the recommended frequency of massages. We always recommend at least once a month.

Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins; massage aids the removal of toxins from the body. Aim to drink two glasses of water after each drink of tea or coffee. You may notice a change to your urine frequency and colour for a short time.

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke for the next 24 hours; massage aims to detoxify the body -alcohol and smoking are counter-productive as they increase the levels of toxins within the body.

Eat a light diet to assist the detoxification and healing process

Avoid exercise for 12 hours.

Sometimes the worse the treatment reaction the better the overall client improvement that follows once the body has rebalanced. If you are tender after a treatment, and often clients are for 2-3 days as the body heals, you can use ice packs then heat packs alternately. This can help to accelerate the healing and reduce any tenderness. Light movement is also good to help the blood flow to and from the muscles.

Increased urination or passing stools is possible. Dizziness, nausea, increased thirst, flu-like symptoms (runny nose, coughing) may be experienced, but these will be temporary as the body re-balances itself and heals.

Don’t over-push yourself after the massage as it is not unusual to feel tired and sleepy. Rest as much as possible in order to assist the healing process. In some cases, headaches may follow.

You may feel emotional. It’s quite natural to feel tearful.

Avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight, and do not use sun beds following the use of any oils.

Try to reduce your stress levels as this leads to body tension. This is very important, easy to say but harder to do. Start with trying to be aware of what muscles are engaged (tense) and ask yourself whether they need to be engaged if they are not being used. Then try to let go of some of the tension and relax them. Eg drop your shoulders and relax your arms.

Don’t stand or sit in the same position for long periods – especially cross-legged or hunched over a computer. The body likes movement and does not cope well in fixed positions where muscles are tense.

Do not shower or bathe directly after a treatment for at least 6 – 8 hours. The essential oils used need to penetrate the skin in order to be absorbed into the system to achieve optimum results. Also avoid sauna & steam rooms.

Please feel free to contact the salon with any questions and we hope to see you again soon