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Gel aftercare

To get the most from your treatment with us please follow this aftercare advice:

Avoid heat such as automatic hand dryers, baths, saunas (ideally for 4 hours)

Avoid submerging nails in water for at least an hour after your treatment (ideally for 4 hours).

Wear gloves when doing manual work, cleaning or washing up.

Do not file your nails while wearing GELeration. This will break the seal of the polish and can lead to chipping.

GELeration should only be removed in a salon or using the GELeration removal kit. When using the kit please carefully follow your therapists advice and the instructions included.


Keep your hands, feet and nails healthy between appointments with Jessicas homecare advice.


PHENOMEN OIL* – massage one drop into each cuticle and the back of each hand before bedtime.

HAND AND BODY MOISTURISING EMULSION – apply daily to hands, arms and body.


PEDICURE FOOT FILE: Use three times a week before a bath or shower to remove excess hard skin.

ZENSPA INTENSE HEEL REPAIR CREME: Apply each night to soften hard skin and prevent cracked heels.

*Contains nuts. Do not use if you have a nut allergy.

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